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Testimonials: What They're Saying

"Best service I've ever had at a bike shop!These guys are very knowledgable and were 100% honest about their estimates. They trued my rear wheel, readjusted my derailer, and rethreaded 1/3 of my crank...I will definitely be a repeat customer!"

   -Jon M - Yelp Review

"The whole staff was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, jovial, I can't say enough good or positive things about them. You could tell they all love what they do and were excited to be at work. They weren't pretentious and they weren't a bunch of young kids standing around a counter. They were awesome."

   -Alex R - Yelp Review

"Jeff and the gang are great to deal with. Every time I have been in the store they have been very helpful no matter how busy they are. I had a fitting done there and have had my bike serviced. The bike is whisper quiet and fits perfect now. It goes to show you that you don't have to buy a bike at a place to get great service. By far, the best in the area."

   -Roger D - Yelp Review

"Quality service! Quicker and better than the others in the Overland Park area. My go to store now!"

   -M.L. - Yelp Review

"We are fortunate to have a shop like Elite Cycling in Kansas City. The owners, Barry and Jeff, are committed to providing the premier cycling experience to their customers. Elite has the widest selection of road and triathlon bikes in town as well as stocking more cycling and triathlon accessories than any other shop. Jeff does an outstanding job of bike fitting, from novice to the most experienced cyclists or triathletes. He assesses the customer's needs, then leverages his experience and knowledge to put the cyclist on the right bike, set up in the correct position, and fitted with the right components, all while treating you in a professional manner.

Having raced over 20 Ironmans I have high expectations for a cycling shop and Elite is who I chose to purchase from and fit me on my new triathlon bike. I couldn't be more satisfied with the result and would recommend Elite to anyone looking to upgrade/purchase a new ride.

   -Bob Schloegel

"I was new to cycling when I first came to Elite. I had been to several other cycle shops in the area to begin looking for a triathlon bike for my first race season and had been disappointed by the lack of product knowledge and lack of interest in me as a customer.

What immediately sold me on Elite was the staff's desire to learn more about me and what my needs were. I found their motto of "Elite Service for Every Athlete," to be true from the moment I walked in the door. I was immediately treated as a good customer regardless of the fact that I had not purchased anything. The staff took the time to educate me about their bikes, about gear, and about riding in general. I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to do business and I purchased a bike and went through the fitting process with Jeff.

My positive buying experience was reinforced immediately when my tri coach told me that he had never seen a new rider look so comfortable on a new bike.

Over the next few months, and really ever since the first time I walked in the door, Elite has continued to be a resource to me for any questions I have about cycling and as it relates to triathlon. I take my bike back to Elite for any kind of maintenance and pre-race checkups. Jeff has even worked with me through injuries to make sure my bike fit was ready for me on race day.

I have recommended Elite Cycling over and over again to other cyclists and triathletes and have never heard anything but enthusiastic reviews from those who've been to the shop. I've heard great feedback ranging from those who went in for bike fitting to an athlete who couldn't find anyone else who could diagnose and fix her bike. I am convinced that there is not a better cycle shop in the Kansas City area.


"Jeff and the team from Elite Cycling are exceptional. They worked with me to find the right bike in the right price range to meet my fitness objectives. As a person new to cycling, I appreciated their professionalism, expertise and personal approach."


"Hands down, Elite Cycling offers the best customer service in town. Jeff and his team always go the extra step to take care of any need I have, no matter how big or small it may be. It doesn't matter if you are a world class athlete or someone who rides just for fun, you can't go wrong with Elite."


"I have been a very happy customer at Elite Cycling for over two years. I have always encountered extremely knowledgeable, friendly and courteous staff. Elite carries the most comprehensive line of cycling and multisport products in town and is always my favorite stop for all my multisport needs. Jeff Williams is an extremely competent fitter and technician who was instrumental in my bike fitting process, frame selection as well as the final build. I warmly recommend Elite Cycling to any level athlete, whether you are a casual rider, serious cyclist or triathlete racing for the podium. Elite Cycling rocks!"


"I wanted to express my appreciation and overall satisfaction with Elite Cycling's customer service and products. Last year, I walked into Elite Cycling expecting the same typical service that I had received at other shops in the area, pushy and not really listening to what I wanted or needed.

Jeff spent the time to look at my geometry and ask me what my goals were for the triathlon season and the bike itself. He helped me narrow down what bikes would fit me and my price point. After he gave a short list of bikes, Jeff ordered the bike I wanted to try out. He did this without a pre-purchase or deposit. I was pleasantly surprised with Jeff's attention to detail, when it came to the fitting of the bike and products that were useful or needed for my goals. Their selection of bikes and products are endless and Jeff's ability to get what products they do not carry in-stock was remarkable.

Jeff and Jennifer have been exceptional in the maintenance of my bike over the last year. They have helped me upgrade my bike and my gear as my goals have changed through the season. I am indebted to them for helping me through a few races, when I have forgotten my gear. They are always willing and ready to help me and others in a pinch. I consider them both amazing people, who are passionate about biking and helping everyone achieve their own goals.

I have recommended friends and family to come to Elite Cycling because they are a shop that can fit everyone's needs.



"I could not be happier with the service I have received from Elite Cycling since I became a lifetime customer in 2009. Jeff Williams did an outstanding job helping me (a novice cyclist) determine the right bike for me, that was priced within my budget. Six months and 2000 miles later I couldn't have been happier with the purchase, until the bike had a catastrophic failure a week before I left to compete in an Ironman. Jeff and the employees at Elite went above and beyond working with the manufacturer to ensure I had a new replacement bike (at no cost) in time for the race. They literally pulled the new bike out of the box and built it while I waited. Elite really stepped up to the plate in a very time critical situation. I'll never purchase a bike anywhere else."